Friday, February 25, 2011

Oscar Weekend!!

It's here, It's here!! Oscar weekend is here!! I am almost as excited as I was when I was a teenager and I got a letter in the mail from a boy that I liked! Or when I had my first date with my husband!

For the past 14 years, the Oscars have been one of my hobbies. It started off so innocently, I had actually seen several of the movies that were nominated for Oscars and I discovered that watching the Oscars was more enjoyable if I had knowledge of the movies. So began the quest to see as many nominated pictures that I can. This year when I was creating my "bucket list" I put attending the Oscars on my list.

Over the years it has gotten get to know what the Academy likes and does not like...sorry Justin Beiber fans, I do not think "Now or Never" will be earning any nominations for best picture. This year I had most of the pictures seen before the nominations were even announced. (Do I need to say that Nomination Day is only second to Christmas morning in my house?)  That includes categories like Best Documentary, Best Live Action Short, Best Costume and not just the obvious Best Picture, Best Leading Actress/Actor, Supporting Actress/Actor or Director.

This year I had some trouble seeing a few movies. My area never showed Biutiful or Rabbit Hole. I have seen all ten of the best picture nominations. I am going to give you my best guess as to who should win:

Leading Actor...Colin Firth in The King's Speech
Leading Actress...Natalie Portman The Black Swan (I do think Annette Benning may walk away with this but I think Natalie rocked her movie).
Best Supporting Actor....Christian Bale
Best Supporting Actress....Melissa Leo
Animated Feature...Toy Story 3
Best Picture...The King's Speech

I hope you are all tuning in on Sunday for the big event. So until I am actually able to attend the Oscar's in person, you know that I will be kicked back with my BFF and partner in this hobby.We shall start early watching the red carpet drinking our Appletini's (as a tribute to The Social Network).  We will continue to watch the awards show and snack on a whole menu based upon the movie (cheesy grits, fish and chips, tea, and ballerina cupcakes).

 As I am typing this I am wondering, do other people celebrate the Oscars? If so, how? How many nominated movies have you seen? Did you have a favorite?  If you have not had a chance to see the best picture nominations, it is not too late. I believe AMC is having their best picture showcase this weekend.

Happy Movie Watching!

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