Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tour of Missouri: Watkins Mill State Park

The next stop on our Tour of Missouri is another state park. This time a place close to home, Watkin's Mill State Park.

Our trip there was very spontaneous. We had friends camping there that weekend and since we were free Friday night, we packed up and headed out. It was the first time we have used our new camper since we brought it home in February.

Due to a very hectic weekend of dance photos and prom, I only stayed at the camp site one night. The Husband and I got up early and hit the trails. We are trying to prepare for The Katy Trail and every time we schedule a practice ride it rains.

 We might have missed sunrise but were got on the trail while it was still cool and not many people were out. I learned a few things on this short ride. First you should never leave for a ride without some water. The Husband and I both did and we regretted it.

The second lesson I learned is really about walking on the trail. I was in the lead and came upon a couple out getting an early morning walk. I yelled "On your left" loudly. They did not budge. The Husband in his deep manly voice yelled out an "On Your Left!!"  They still did not move. 

Luckily there was a small space to their left and I proceeded to pass them. I yelled out a last "ON YOUR LEFT" as I approached them. NOTHING. In fact as I did pass them, I saw them jump in a startle reflex.  I was immediately anger at them but then I thought just maybe they were hearing impaired and could not hear my notice. 

Later The Husband and I stopped for a breath and I told him my deduction: the couple was either jerks, stupid, and hearing impaired.  He started chuckling at how startled they had been and informed me that they had their headphones in and whatever they were listening to was up so loud they could not hear my warning. 

So, in fact they were stupid.   A notice to all walkers. You do share the path with others. If you need music while you walk, make sure you can still hear the warning of others. 

I did not have much time to explore Watkins Mill State Park as I had to leave right after our bike ride. We are heading back there for the July 4th holiday and I plan to explore the rest of the park. 

Number of Missouri Miles Completed: 12 {Plus I earned  the              10 Missouri Miles badge 
10 mile badge!}

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