Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Day Of School Autograph T-Shirt

Another school year is in the books. The Boy has finished his junior year and The Short Chic just finished her kindergarten year. Time sure does fly!

Having the end in sight for The Boy makes me wish I could slow down time for The Short Chic. Since time slows for no one, even Mommies, I have developed a few strategies for at least preserving these fleeting moments.

This year I made a Last Day of School Autograph T-shirt for The Short Chic. She is going to wear it on the last day of school and collect autographs from all of her friends. This way, when she is no longer small and kindergarten was years past we can look back at her t-shirt and reclaim a glimpse of who she was.

Last Fall I introduced you all to this wonderful product from Avery, DIY Iron On Transfers as I used them to create our Halloween costumes.

My inspiration for this project came from a post by Sugar Bee Crafts. She used a silhouette machine, which I do not have.  I remembered that I had some Iron On Transfers left over and I knew immediately that I was going to use them for the shirt.

Avery has an online creative center that allows you to create your own project.  I used basic shapes and the font options to create my logo. There was a small learning curve but I quickly got the hang of it.

Once the design is finished, you simply print it on the iron-on transfer paper. I then trimmed the design and peeled the backing off.

The rest is really pretty easy; as easy as ironing.

The only odd instruction on the packaging is to not use an ironing board. So, I ironed on the floor!

I let the transfer cool and then peeled off the tissue paper.  She is ready for the last day of school. She already has a plan on how to get all the autographs she wants. She has worked really hard this year and deserves a little half-day fun!


Our shirt was a huge success! The Short Chic loved walking around with her own Sharpie and received a lot of autographs.  I can already envision a cute little t-shirt quilt at the end of elementary school with all of her autograph t-shirts incorporated in it.  Preserving moments...that is what it is about. 

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