Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Short Chic Writes

It is the end of the school year. Each night The Short Chic has been bringing home mounds of papers. I am sure her teacher is cleaning out the classroom before summer begins.

The Kindergarten students have practiced writing all year long. They even had a publishing party last week to share some of their stories but really to share the progress they have made. The Short Chic says she wants to be a writer and an actress when she is grown up. I am going to share a few of her stories with you. They make me smile! Of course I begin with the one about me.

A Day With Mommy

written and illustrated by The Short Chic
translation by Mommy

"One day I had a day with Mommy. It was my birthday."
"We ate McDonald's for breakfast. Papa joined in."
I went to school. It was time for lunch. Mommy brought me lunch."

"Me and Mommy and my friends shared a cookie."

"We got our nails painted. I got flowers on my nails. It was the best birthday ever."

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