Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014 Dance Recital

Maybe this is a post only a mother could love.

Or a Grandmother.  Or an Aunt. Maybe a Daddy would love it too.

If you love to see little girls dressed up in super cute sparkly dance outfits dancing and signing away you also just might love this post!

Here is The Short Chic's two dances at her recital this past weekend.This is the first year for two dances.

Her tap number was "The Old Soft Shoe".  In case you missed it on Instagram she calls this her "French" skirt. I keep telling her it is a "fringe" skirt.

Her ballet number is " Chim Chimney" from Mary Poppins.

I can't select a favorite. I love them both!

The dance year ended tonight. We are one step closer to an official summer vacation!

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