Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TuTu Cute {Giveaway} WINNER!

Today is the day.

November 1, the day I select the winner of the super cute tutu by TuTu Cute by Marie!

The winner is....Cathy Roberts from Wahoo, Nebraska!

Congratulations Cathy Roberts!! It's My Life is Thankful you read and follow the blog!

Cathy, email me your address and I can send it to Marie!

As a side note, many of you commented that you liked the Minnie Mouse black/pink tutu....ME TOO! In fact, I ordered my Short Chic one. Marie whipped it up in no time and it is on it's way to my house.  It is time to shop for the holidays!


  1. Thanks. Pam. I'm so excited to have won. Send it to Meeghan cuz that's who it was going to go to if I won. Thanks so much!!! Cathy

  2. Mom - You won you lucky girl!!!