Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Take Two

Thanksgiving at My Momma's was this weekend. I love My Momma's cookin'. I had been looking forward to the trip to her home all week long.

We went up Saturday, the same day as the annual Braymer Craft Fair. My Momma loves to go to that craft fair so we stopped by there on our way to her home.

Miss Medical Student, who is so far so good safe in Norway, asked that I post a photo of the good food we ate. So here you go!

We had turkey, ham, sage dressing, cheesy corn, candied sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, and My Momma's homemade egg noodles (that is what is in that huge silver kettle!)

YES, everything is a carb. I love carbs! I know I should not but I do.

For dessert we had pumpkin pie and my favorite, cherry pie. My middle brother and I have a long standing fight over who gets to cut into the cherry pie first. Once again, I won!

Ironically, my niece has a cute book of mask. After this meal, one of the mask was so appropriate.

What can I say, "Oink, Oink!"

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  1. Okay, looking at this picture is making me hungry for Thanksgiving food all over again!!