Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Total Failure!

You failed.

You all failed. 

Every single last one of you failed. And you failed miserably.

I am a sports mom. But I do not live, breath, or die sports. If you cut me I bleed red...blood. I do not bleed my high school, college, or even professional teams colors. Sports are entertainment to me. They are not life. What is important to me; my health, my families health, and my children. 

Too many children are hurt in this world on a daily basis. And I am here to tell you, they are not being hurt by strangers who lurk in dark spaces. They are hurt by those adults in their lives who are there to protect, nurture, and love them. Maybe because I see this dark side of our country that no one else wants to see, I do not have a hard time believing that something "just ain't right" about what has gone down at Penn State University.

You all put football and winning over what matters in this world. You turned your backs on small children being sexually abused by a grown man. You minimized it, you lied about it and now the most worse thing, when light is shining on it, you riot in support of the men who did this.

My heart goes out to the NINE identified victims. My heart goes out to their parents. To their families. My heart also goes out to every student at Penn State who is a victim of sexual abuse who has to see support for the abusers and those in power who allowed this to happen and not see support for fellow victims.

To the graduate student,Mike McQueary, you failed. You actually WITNESSED a grown man having sex with a 10 year old child. And what did you do? You picked up the phone and called your FATHER? Unless your father was the Chief of Police, what were you thinking?  Let me teach you a life lesson that everyone else has failed to teach you. When you are witnessing a crime that is occurring you do one of two things:
  1. CALL 911
I feel no sorrow for Joe Paterno. I do not care how good he was at his job. Or how close to retirement he was. Under oath Paterno has admitted that his Graduate Assistant came to see him at home and reported what he saw being done to a 10 year old boy. But Joe Paterno, you failed when you reported this information to your superior when you minimized his statements. Your Graduate Assistance was very clear with you: he saw your assistance Coach having sex with a child. He did use the words fondle. He said having sex. BIG DIFFERENCE. I personally would like to see your name added to those who face criminal charges in this case.

Gary Schultz and Tim Curley you both also fail. You failed when you heard McQuary's account and you minimized it to "horsing around in the locker room" and you failed when you lied to the Grand Jury. I will be crossing my fingers you both are found guilty of purgery. The community trusted you, sent their young adults to you to be educated. You failed them. You taught us that winning football games is more important than taking a stance against evil, and that some children are expendable. Shame on you!

To Jerry Sandusky. The man who is the center of this and the man who is not getting the attention because it is so focused on the actions of those around you. It should be your name plastered all over the media as you face over 40 counts of child sexual abuse! Well, I have no words. You failed at life. I honestly believe you are probably one of the rare types of child molesters; a pedophile.You targeted vulnerable children. You created a charity that gave you even more access to vulnerable children. You are not worthy of any more of my words.

To the current students and alumni of Penn State who rioted over the University addressing this situation: you failed last night. I would like you to grow a brain. I would like for you to look beyond this Coach and his staff who has performed their jobs well, who have won you titles, and brought you glory. I would like for you to see NINE little boys who were so excited to interact in your world Who finally thought they were being given something of value for once in their lives and how they were taken advantage of and hurt. Riot over that.


  1. Just saw your FB link to your blog and thought I'd check it out... You did a masterful job of laying out the simple truth and facts here. Failure to be responsible adults to kids who needed them is the core of what went wrong here. I don't care how good you are as a coach, teacher, electrician, wood worker, etc. If you don't react adequately when kids are in danger you are an abject failure.

  2. well said, my friend.

  3. Very well put!!! I feel your frustration!