Friday, November 25, 2011

Secret Santa Gifts

I made a Thanksgiving candle a few weeks ago, here. I took it to my Mother-in-laws home for Thanksgiving dinner and everyone loved it.

My sister-in-law has a secret Santa. She is suppose to give small gifts once a week leading up to Christmas. I love secret Santa's but my office is kinda too small for one. She and I got together and made a candle tonight for her Secret Santa.

She secret person has two favorite scents; lavender and vanilla. We took a plan lavender candle and jazzed it up tonight. Using Microsoft Word, we found a font we liked and printed a monogram letter out, using 125 font size.

We put a piece of tissue paper over the printed out copy of the large letter. Then we traced the letter onto the tissue paper and added a circle frame. Next, she trimmed up the tissue paper fairly close to the edge of the circle. 

Next, we took a piece of wax paper, layered the tissue paper, then wax paper onto the candle. Holding the wax paper from behind, heat the design up with an embossing heater. Yes, I do think a hair dryer might work, it just might take longer. 

The end result. A gift that cost less than $5.00 and it looks way cool!

As I am typing this, I am wondering....What Secret Santa gifts are you making this year?

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