Monday, August 1, 2011

A Royal Event

Yesterday was a totally Mommy and Short Chic day!

We had tickets to see Cinderella at Starlight (KC's outdoor theatre). To prepare for our event, we watched Princess movies at home while we painted our toe's.

I learned how to make a princess braid from Princess Hairstyles. Thanks for the extra pair of hands of my dear friend Melissa over at Living on God's Grace we rocked the 3-D princess braid for our royal evening!
Her hair maybe looked this good for an hour. Then she sweated, scratched, and bounced it apart! All that work! 

Starlight had a wonderful pre-show Royal Celebration for all the little Princess and Princes. We got there early to play. Unfortunately, being inside all morning I was a bit oblivious to how hot it actually was outside. The thermometer in my car, totally reminded me!

The date is wrong, but Lordy, look at that heat! No, that is not the heat index! This is what The Short Chic and I battled Sunday evening as we headed to Starlight!
It is at the point in my story, that I must tell you I broke one of the cardinal sins of parenting. Every Mommy and Daddy know the value of a nap before a big event. Unfortunatly, the cards aliegned against a nap yesterday. When she wanted to sleep, we were doing stop and go errands. When we could nap, she was pumped up and excited about seeing Cinderella.

So, as we arrive to Starlight's Cinderella Royal Celebration, I know my Short Chic is tired! I had no idea how tired until we sat down in the face painters chair. I am not kidding you, she fell asleep in the chair.She must not have been sound asleep because as soon as the face painter said, "Okay, you are finished!" Her eyes slowly and heavily opened.
The only thing I could get her to do after her short powernap in the face painters chair was to pose for some photos!

Queen Mommy and Princess Short Chic

After that, it was a little hard to get her engaged in the Celebration until I mentioned bouncing in the Princess Bounce House. That she did with joy! She even bounced her pretty hair all apart and bounced that little tiara right off her head!

After we bounced, the Star Light Ambassador's announced they were ready for the first backstage tour. I said yes because The Short Chic was just hoping to catch a glimpse of Cinderella (she made her a drawing and hoped to give it to her). I also said yes because parts of the tour are air conditioned and the Mommy in me felt we needed a little cooling off!

Backstage, we were able to catch a glimpse of some of the cast. We also learned this set of Cinderella is from the original show and is at least 50 years old. This is also the last time it will be used because they are destroying it after our performance.  We also learned that many of the actor/actress are local. We got to see some of the props before the show and walk on the stage. However, no glimpse of Cinderella herself!

After the backstage tour, The Short Chic wanted to ride a pony, which was part of the Royal Celebration.
 By this time, all that pretty face painting had been worn off! And that pretty 3-D braid was a mess. I whipped out my brush and reworked her hair as much as possible before the Royal Parade started.
 The Short Chic got to meet and take her photo with one of the pretty princesses that were volunteering at Starlight last night.

 Lined up, holding a golden rope, to begin the Royal Parade. This is Starlights second annual Royal Parade.
 There were a lot of pretty princesses in the house last night!
There is my Short Chic!

Just moments before curtain time, we noticed that the temp dropped a few degrees. Of course, Mommy had already treated Princess Short Chic to a nice, cold, messy snow cone!

At one point during the show, Short Chic looks at me and tells me that a bug flew into her eye. I asked her if she needed any help and she said no. Then she commented to me, "Mom, we should be home watching this on TV!"
The Short Chic fell asleep just as Prince Charles went looking for the owner of the glass slipper. She slept the entire way home and did not wake up till late this morning. When she woke up, I asked her what was her favorite part of yesterday and she said, "When Cinderella got to go to the ball!" How lucky that I snapped a photo of that part of the show!


  1. You all looked like you had a ball. Loved the picture with her and Cinderella. With temps like that, I'm sure the snow cone was refreshing. She looked so beautiful that day.

  2. How wonderful, looks like you had a great time. I must plan a fun trip there with Little Mess sometime.