Monday, August 15, 2011

ICK! Sickness!

I spent this past weekend around two sickly children. Unfortunately they were mine and I could not escape.

In my attempt to doctor up my kids with over the counter medications, I notice that the majority of my medicine cabinet is full of.....expired medications.
I read somewhere that out dated medications are BAD. They lose their effectiveness. Can become poisonous. Even fatal.  What Mommy would knowingly give their children ineffective bad medicine?

Not me!  I may swear in front of my children. Let them eat way too many sweets. Stay up late. But knowingly give them ineffective bad medicine. No way!  Once I found the first outdated medicine bottle, I immediately scour the medicine cabinet for any others. Holy smacks! I hardly had anything in the cabinet that was not expired.

They all go in the trash. Then today, I decide I should look up the research on out-dated medications. I find the Internet is mixed. Some sites will tell me what I thought to be true. Medications that are expired can be dangerous even fatal. Other sites indicate that maybe expiration dates are all apart of the drug companies attempt to make money and they really don't lose that much of their effectiveness after the expiration date.

So, who knows? Not me. But, I will admit that the fear based technique has worked...on me at least. Now that my cabinets are is in order. Time to replenish my home medical supply.

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