Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Latest Obsession!

So, I have been a bit absent from blogging this week. I have been rather busy. The men in my life went on a fishing trip and left the Short Chic and I alone. Work is super crazy right now. But those are not the reasons why.

Something new has caught my attention!

I will give you a hint. They flutter! They are quick! They are colorful! And they eat a lot!


They visited us last year. In the midst of being told I had Cancer and doing staging test, I noticed we were being visited by hummingbirds.My Momma swears they send scouts out to find food. If the scouts find food, more will come. So this year I put a feeder out in March.

I had almost given up hope because none showed up. Then this past weekend I noticed that the level of syrup in the feeder had dropped. A lot! I refilled. And waited. I did not have to wait for long. There they were flitting around, buzzing here and there.

Each day there are more! I love watching them. I rush home from work and just sit at my back door. Waiting for the next one to show up. They are so small. So fast! If you are super still, you can actually hear them approach. Their little wings sound like mini helicopters!

The family is yelling at me. They are hungry. I tell them to fix themselves some cereal. I am busy. Trying to catch the best photo I can of these little guys. I have no idea how long they will hang around.

So, I am going to spend as much time with the hummingbirds as possible before they go away for another year.


  1. So fun! They seem to be curious, too, don't they? We can watch from the breakfast room slider & they'll hover at the glass looking us over....
    --Deb T.

  2. Can't believe you have so many, what are you putting in their food? These pictures came out amazing!!