Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No Way, No How

I just got home from enrolling my eldest in .....HIGH SCHOOL!

No way, no how!

It seems like only a few years ago he and I went shopping for his first ever school supplies. I remember taking off work for two days to get him use to his new routine called Kindergarten. How on earth did he become a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL?

Wasn't it just a  few short years ago he transitioned from elementary school to Middle School? We had to transition to a new start time. Elementary starts school at 9:00 but Middle School starts at 8:00. But, now he has gone and finished Middle School.

No way, no how!

In a few short days, he will enter the doors of the building below and begin his high school journey!

No way, no how!

The line at registration was the longest line I have seen, outside of an amusement park. We waited in line to turn in our health forms. Then we waited in a massive line to turn in our registration forms. I also learned how expensive high school can be. Class dues, student sports pass, a participation fee (I opted to pay this only if/when The Boy is selected to participate in something!), yearbook ($65.00!!), parking pass (Thank you God, I did not have to cross that bridge tonight!!), PTA, and of course the spirit wear!  I have to wonder, how do families with more than one child in high school afford it?

The Boy's freshman schedule include: Physics, World History, Spanish, Algebra, and Literature and Composition. Nothing like just jumping into it, right!  We waited in line for so long to register that the night ended before could get our photo taken for student id's. Which means, we have to go back for day 2!

After enrollment was finished, The Boy and I headed off to gather up school supplies. I love school supplies! I get so excited to purchase them! I am sure I will be purchasing school supplies long after The Short Chic has finished college!

No one in my family needs crayons this year. But had to buy them! They are only 40 cents a box and that just makes me happy. I mean, who does not love those fresh sharp points and the fact that none of those are broken?

 Paper. Paper. Paper! We are well stocked with paper for all of those math problems and written reports we are going to be writing this next year! Who doesn't miss standing in the aisle picking out just the right color or pattern that describes how cool you are?

 Who can overlook the basics? Despite all the fancy rulers, I prefer the old fashioned wooden ruler. Somethings are just like they were back when Mrs. DeForie was teaching fifth grade. Although some things have changed. The Boy's school is sponsored by Under Armour and they have their own spirit shop inside the high school. I thought spirit shops were reserved for colleges/universities.

No way, no how!
Of course, high school requires organization. The Boy's high school was issuing mini notebooks. Organization has sure come a super long way from a Trapper Keeper and pencil pouch! We went ahead and picked up several three-ring binders. I honestly hope he learns to be organized. It will absolutely make everything go smoother.

What I could not force myself to buy....a scientific calculator. Does he really need it? Is Algebra so hard and complicated he will need a $100 calculator?

No way, no how!

Two weeks from now, the first day of high school will be a thing of the past. Until then, I am going to live in denial. And remember the little boy who use to live in my house.

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  1. I can't believe the boys are in high school!