Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Unlucky Break!

 Our summer sports live came crashing to a halt last night. The Boy, who was finishing his double double-header, got hit by a pitch on his first at-bat of his second baseball game of the night.  Of course I notice after he is hit that he is not wearing his Evo-Shield, but then I realize the Evo-Shield would have protected his elbow and not his wrist, which is where he was hit.

He normally bounces back from these things and steals a few bases as his way of saying, "Take that!"  But not last night. He had to be given a pinch runner. We iced it. It still hurt. He still could not move it.

Unfortunately, we only had 9 players last night. And after a little in-between inning drama, The Boy, took the field for the second inning. He wore a hat, but had no glove on. He held an ice pack. He had to take the field or we would have to forfeit. The Boy was not going to let that happen.

We waited out the game, which we won. Then we headed to the Emergency Room.

One is a little bit more swollen than the other!

We arrived at the Emergency Room about 10:40 p.m. We were told we were the third baseball player of the night. The other two players also ended up with broken bones. They also won their games as well.

They came and took us to a room. The x-ray people came. This was the first time I really allowed myself to think his arm might be broken, he could not get into a few of the positions the x-ray tech wanted him to do. Then they came back....more x-rays! By then I was a little concerned it was a larger break than I had suspected.

Finally, our ER doctor came in and told us it was a clean break right where it hurt. For your medical types, a non-displaced fracture of the ulna. Because it was a clean break (non-displaced) (the bones are still lined up) they would not need to cast it until next week.  An Ortho doctor came in, looking very tired straight from surgery (another one of the ball players had to have surgery to put his break back together). He explained why they splint it and not cast it at this point.

Next, they came in and put a splint on his arm. It is a semi-hard cast that will provide stabilization and protection for a week. Allowing the swelling to go down before they put the cast on. The Ortho-Doc already told The Boy to be picking out his cast color!

Staying awake was the hardest part of the night.
Discharge came just shy of 1:30 a.m. The Boy was so tired he was falling asleep walking! The only thing that kept him awake was his grumbling stomach. Which he also found disappointment in, all his favorite food places were closed at that time of the morning.  So, home to bed we went.

As a follow up, I know our coach is second beating himself up for not stopping the game. Many of you reading might be thinking the same thing. But, in this house, we have NONE of those thoughts. The Boy and I made that decision. He was not going to leave that field and force a forfeit. Not at all.

Thanks for all the concerns and prayers! We appreciate it very much.

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  1. Aaaaarrgh! Such a bad turn of events for Jake!! Sounds like (if you have to break your arm) it's a good clean break & will be fine in a few weeks. Not that that will make him feel better watching the rest of the season from the bleachers. Hope he isn't taking it too hard....
    deb t.