Monday, June 6, 2011

A Baseball Weekend

No surprise there, it was a baseball weekend. We did our first out of town tournament this weekend. In of all places...Branson, MO.

We met up with the team early Friday morning and caravaned south. The boys had a good time painting up everyone's windows. When we arrived at our hotel, we found out we were sharing the pool and the rest of the hotel with three other baseball teams in our tournament and in our age division!

Our first game was Friday night at 8:40. Which left plenty of time for shopping before the game.  The entire family was awarded new shoes. The Boy really cleaned up at the Nike Outlet store! And The Short Chic, well let's just say she added a few new swimsuits to her line up!

She really had a good time in the hotel's swimming pool practicing her rad new swim moves.

We went 0-3 in the tournament. We played some very tough teams and had a round of very bad officiating. Just for the record, I do not believe when it is this hot, that the umpires should be allowed to officiate more than 2 games in a row. Overall, we had a great team bonding weekend.
Team Parents huddled under our make your own shade tent!

Pre-Game "pep" talk?
 Our second game was suppose to start at 5:10 but I think it ran 1 hour behind. It was absolutely hot and sunny at the field.

The fields were running behind. So the boys had to sit and wait . 

The Short Chic hanging out under the sun shade in her new orange outfit. She wore her new  clothing as fast as I  was purchasing them. 

And did I tell you all how hot it was?  HOT HOT HOT!!  Luckily for us, we only played one game  in the day light.

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