Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend has several meanings to us. First and foremost it is a weekend to honor and pay respect to those military men and women who have died while protecting our country. It is also a time to honor those currently protecting us by their service. My husband served in the Army. His father served in the Army. My Grandfathers and my Uncles have served. My cousins have served. I have family members currently serving. I am thankful for their sacrifices.

Memorial Day Weekend is a time for us to honor and remember those who have passed from this earth. My list of departed loved ones is long, very long. I will just say, I have spent this weekend thinking about my Father, my Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Aunt/Uncles,  and several close friends just to name a few.

Memorial Day Weekend is also the unofficial kick off of summer. After being cooped up all winter long, we want to see some sun! We have watched spring bring us back to life, tease us even with bright colors, warm days.  We have even had to endure our share of tornadoes this spring. So, by Memorial Day Weekend, we want a taste of what is to come for us; sunshine, warm water, heat, and food prepared outside.

This is how we spent the weekend along with several other people at my friend, Tracy's lake home.  (Friend seems such a shallow way to describe my friend, but this post is not dedicated to her, I feel another post in her honor coming very, very soon!)

I will preface what I am about to say with this, I do not drink a lot. A good cocktail here and there goes a long way for me. But, I sampled some drinks this weekend that I should tell you all about! First , I had my very first ever Bloody Mary. My back story here is that randomly while I was sick I started craving a Bloody Mary. Since I was so sick, I never drank one. But, I put it on my Bucket List.  This weekend a member of the group made the best Bloody Mary's (he also made killer omelets!) and I drank one!Yummy Yummy!

I should tell you all, our funny Bloody Mary story. The little girls saw us eating our veggies that adorned our Bloody Mary's. One of the little girls asked us if she could have my celery. I knew I had already eaten off of mine, and the Little Girl was not my little girl, so I glanced at her Mommy to see if it were okay with her that I gave it. Her Mommy then spoke up and said, "Oh, here, you can have mine." At about the same time both of us Mommies realized the veggies were soaked in alcohol! Bad Mommy moment for both of us! But, luckily, no harm done, we never actually gave our celery to any little girls.

I also sampled KeKe, a key lime liquor. KeKe is the basis for one of our favorite drinks from Kelly's. Kelly's in Key West is a favorite spot to many of us. The only draw back, Kelly's, is in Key West and we are in the middle of the Midwest! Thankfully my best bud, Tracy, just got back from a trip to Key West and brought us all souvenir Kelly's glasses to which she attempted to re-create the famous Kelly's Key Lime Margarita. I am no professionally foodie, but I think she nailed it! Key Lime Margarita's were a great way to start out the holiday weekend!

The last new drink I sampled was American Honey by Wild Turkey. A whisky drinker I am not! I realized I must live under a rock as my husband and I were the only one's who had never tried this drink.

The weather did not cooperate with us on Saturday, it was cloudy and chilly. I thought at any moment the sky was going to open up and rain on us. So, we spent the day on the deck, playing yard games and dodging the newly hatched Cicadas. The Short Chic was so disappointed! Having just finished swim lessons, she was so anxious to get in the lake. She even snuck upstairs and put her swimsuit on all by herself!

 Oh, but Sunday and Monday were wonderfully sunny and warm days! We were able to go out on the lake in a boat ride. We even braved the cold water for a refreshing dip in the lake. Those little girls had no fear of the cold water!

The Short Chic came home with a new friend.  She met and played with Miss Fantastic Diva this weekend. Miss Fantastic Diva's Mommy and I have known each other for years but we have not seen each other in a long while. In fact, this was only the second time the little girls played with each other.  Our guest have these cool little secret rooms in their home and the little girls loved playing in them!

Miss Fantastic Diva's Mommy is also a Cancer Survivor. She has surpassed her five year mark and has been deemed medically cured. Sitting and talking to her and comparing our battle stories was really helpful to me. I know I am five months outside of treatment and quickly approaching my 1 year since diagnosis but I still feel at times I am processing how Cancer fits into my world. It was helpful to hear another survivors story.

One of my motto's is to work hard, play harder. I want you all to know, I did play hard this weekend!
 Thank you once again to our wonderful host for the weekend, D and T!

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