Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Broken Heart

As a Mom, when your children hurt you hurt. That is the case tonight.

Miss Medical Student's heart is hurt tonight. My heart hurts for her.

Despite being busy with medical school, Miss Medical Student really wanted a dog. She knew logically when she made it through her second year and started clinicals she would have no time to care for herself, let alone a dog. But some decisions are not made logically. They are made with the heart.

Because she is so smart, she hunted and found a situation that was perfect for her. She applied to be a host to raise a future service dog. She also found out that she could split the hosting duties; she would keep the puppy until she started clinicals and then another host family would take over and finish his training.

She starts clinicals on Monday. Today was the day she had to say good bye to her puppy, Vino. I am thankful for Vino. In a world full of studying, classes, labs, study groups, test, and studying, Vino brought moments of comfort and love to Miss Medical Student. And she needed that. She is so far away from home. She is far from those who love and care about her.

So, yes, today her heart is broken. Listening to her tonight, I felt like I was listening to a mom/dad who have decided to give their babies up for adoption. She wants Vino to know she loved him. She wants him to know she wants him to be successful. She wants him to know this decision is hard. She wants him to know he can always come back to her home. She wants him to know her decision was made for the best interest of both of them.

Yes, her heart is broken. No matter how long she knew this day would come, one can not prepare for it. And even if I am not her mom, I still want to be a mom to her. I want to jump in my car and start driving to her place. I want to take that hurt and make it small. I want to fix it. All I can do is call her and offer her my support.

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