Sunday, June 12, 2011

Amish Country

We traveled to my mother's this weekend for our annual family reunion. The reunion did not start till noon so we got up early and went to Jamesport, Missouri to visit the Amish shops.

My Grandma Loretta introduced me to Jamesport and the Amish community when I was just a little girl. I would go and stay with her during the summer. She would take me to H & M County Store and buy Carob. My Grandma Loretta was a diabetic and she could eat Carob. She also would go to the green house and purchase flowers that she would plant all around her house every summer. I remember once we went to the green house and purchased her flowers and then went to the next store. The Amish lady realized she had overcharged my grandmother and sought her out at the next store to give her back the amount she overcharged her. My grandma  was so impressed, she said to me on the way home, "Pamela, remember this. No other store would have sought me out to return that money. Remember this place when you get older."

Well, remember I have. And I visit there often, even though my Grandma only had to travel about 1/2 hour to get there, I make the 1 hour 30 minute drive as often as I can.  I LOVE sprinkles and found my supply running just a little lower than I like. So, it was stock up time. This will not be my only visit to Jamesport this summer. I am trying to organize a girls weekend there with my extended family/friends.  A girl can not get enough sprinkles!

Look at all the cool sprinkles I got this time! Orange, yellow, red/white/blue, purple, more red/white/blue. Pink Sprinkles, Pink NonPariels, White Pearlz, and Silver Sugar Crystalz!! I can't hardly wait to make something with the Silver Sugar Crystalz. The great news, these were about a dollar each, with the exception of the silver crystalz, those were about two dollars. I should also mention the containers are way bigger than anything you are going to find at Wal Mart or even Hobby Lobby.

I found some new flavors. These are LorAnn oils and I got them in Orange, Strawberry, Cinnamon, and Pineapple. They cost about $1.25 each.

And cupcake liners, who can say no to them. Look at how cute these are!

So, yes, I purchased a few things that were not baking related. The kids love the Cheddar Cheese snack mix. And I decided to try the Spicy Quinoa. We love Quinoa and hope this will make a nice side dish to all the Mexican food we eat.

The Amish do not believe in having photos of themselves. So, I really tried hard to honor their request. I took one photo of a father/son from behind. The rest of the photos were taken without people in them. I love wondering around the county catching a life that is simpler in so many ways than mine, yet a life that is harder than mine in many ways.

As many times as I have gone to Jamesport, I guess my son has never been there. He spent the day totally amazed at what he was seeing. He kept saying: "This rocks!" "Can I have a horse/buggy?" Can I become Amish?"  He was fascinated by the way their light their homes, he was shocked by how many propane tanks were outside H & M Country Store. He begged for an Amish hat.

And then I reminded him, these teens did not have a cell phone. Or watch the MLB, NFL, or NBA. They did not wear Nike Hyperdunks. These teens work from the minute they get up to the minute they go to bed.

In the end, he got in the car and drove home with us. Texting his friends the entire way!

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