Friday, June 6, 2014

Tour of Missouri: Harry S. Truman State Park and Dam

On the day that we were scheduled to start our Katy Trail bike ride the rain we had been eluding  caught up to us and forced us to delay our original plans.We tried to go to breakfast in downtown Warsaw but we quickly learned that not only did the rain alter our plans but also anyone who was at the lake.  Everyone was forced indoors for entertainment.  We found an hour wait for a table and then an hour wait for our food. We also found lines, huge lines at the local Wal Mart as well.

In the light rain, we visited Lost Valley Missouri Department of Conversation's Fish Hatchery. We have visited other hatcheries but they have all breed and raised trout. This hatchery breed and raised walleye, muskellunge, bass, and bluegill.  Lost Valley had a kids fishing pond out and even loaned fishing equipment out for use. The Short Chic enjoyed making fish rubs and playing in the giant mussel as well as observing the fish in the tanks.

After our tour of the hatchery we drove over US Army Corps of Engineer's Harry S. Truman Dam. We noticed a huge observation deck  high on the bluff. The views of the lake were amazing. We enjoyed bird watching and even found a flock of turkey buzzards sitting in a tree below us.

On the ground surrounding the Dam's Welcome Center was a historic town that has been moved and placed on the property. We enjoyed looking around the old cabins, stables, school and home. As soon as we walked into the dark cabin, The Short Chic started looking for the light switch. She found it to be freaky that it was so dark in the home!

 The buildings were furnished modestly in period furniture and decor. The Short Chic loved ringing the bell at the old school house!

After our stop at the Harry S. Truman Dam we decided to drive to Harry S. Truman State Park for a hike.  We actually could not get lodging at a State Park this trip and found ourselves camping at a private campground south of Warsaw. Our campground was crowded and visiting the State Park made us all a bit jealous of all the space campers are given.

Our hike was about 2 miles. Momma's knees and hip have been bothering her and I was a little concerned about her hiking. But she was a trooper and made the whole hike.

You never know what sights you will see on a hike. We found mushrooms, moss, a centipede, cactus, and even a knotty tree. The highlight of hike was a beautiful view of the lake from a bluff.

The rain had cleared, the sun had yet to shine but we were happy to be out and about enjoying the outdoors. By the time we had made it back to our vehicle my FitBit was buzzing telling me I had achieved my daily goal.

Even Momma made the entire trip. She was ready to rest and put her feet up but I think she enjoyed the view from the top as much as we did.

While it was not my first choice, we had a fun day. I got a few more Missouri Miles completed.  How many miles are you up to? I currently have 56, the Governor has 75 and The First Lady has 97!

Get out! Go explore...even in the rain.

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