Friday, June 27, 2014

Tour of Missouri: Table Rock State Park

We traveled to Branson, Missouri over Father's Day Weekend to enjoy Table Rock Lake and Table Rock State Park. This is our third state park of the year. What a better way to celebrate the father and step-father of my children than taking him to his favorite place.

We also had a meal he has been wanting to have for a long time. We had a shrimp boil at the campsite. It was a winner and we may have to do it again!

The weather could not have been more perfect. It was sunny, breezy, and warm. The men folk enjoy fishing below the Dam at Taney Como. It is a great place to go trout fishing, which is exactly what they did bright and early Saturday morning.

The Husband had very little luck on this fishing trip. 

His friend Allen had better luck fishing.Maybe it is beginner's luck as Allen is just learning how to fly fish. Either way, he did well.

But, not as well as this guy. The Papa. This is The Husband's dad and he is the king of fishing. He is also the king of eating! We lady's had to make a trip into Branson and Krispy Kreme had their light on. My friend Rose taught me to stop when the light is on. That is when you get a free doughnut.

 Saturday afternoon, we were given a treat. The Husband has connected with a friend of his from high school that he has not seen since they graduated from high school. He lives close to Table Rock State Park and he brought his family and their boat down so we could play on the water.

The water at Table Rock is deep and beautiful. It is also chilly! And green. The little girls showed no hesitation in jumping in.

The girls were treated to some tubing. The water was super choppy as it was windy and the lake was busy. The girls did not care one bit. As the parents were biting their nails with worry, the little girls were chanting, "More, More, More!"

Sunday, Father's Day, the men took their little girls out fishing. While they were gone, I was given another special treat. One of my high school/college friends lives in Branson and she brought her family out to the campsite. As close as we were then our lives have taken us in different directions. I have not seen her in close to 18 years.  I so enjoyed our visit and we both promised to not wait so long for our next visit!

 On Monday, our last day at Table Rock, we once again went out to enjoy the lake. The wind was gone as were the crowds. The water was as smooth as glass.   The scenery was beautiful!

If you look carefully and pay close attention you might see some wildlife. We saw a spoonbill fish swimming near the boat. 

We also noticed two large turkey buzzards sunning themselves high on a cliff. Can you see them in this photo?

What about now?

What about this blue heron?  He was just trying to find some breakfast. 

The Short Chic loved the boat ride and the trip. She also loved studying the clouds for shapes. She really is good at finding things in the clouds. What do you see?

 Before we ended our ride and our trip we had to boat past the Branson Belle one last time. The Branson Belle is a riverboat that runs up and down Table Rock Lake. Of course, it is a showboat. Would you expect anything less from Branson?


The girls love boating up close to it. It is a huge riverboat.

It was a great weekend. We only have two more state parks left on our goal to reach five.  Our next adventure is the end of June when we head back to the Katy Trail.

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