Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Short Chic Writes: Volume V

Here is another story written by The Short Chic. This one is about her 6th Birthday party. As those of you who know me know that I put a lot of effort into her parties. This story makes me happy because I know with each party we are making a lifetime of memories. 

My Birthday Party
written by The Short Chic
illustrated by The Short Chic
translation by Mommy
 I had my party in a hotel. It had a pool in it. In the pool there was a big slide. In the slide there was lights. 
 It was the day of May first. I invited Sophia, Isabella, and Brooklyn Addison and MaKenza. 
First we went in the water. We swam and swam. Some people went on the slide.

 Finally it was cake time. I raced out to tell everybody. We sang Happy Birthday. We ate.
Then it is present time. I have a lot of toys. 

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