Monday, June 9, 2014

DIY: Slip N' Slide

Have you ever noticed that people want what they don't have? 

My children want summer birthday's. They want to be like Olaf (you know that cute snowman from that movie about ice?) They want to play in the sun. Lounge on the beach. They want to celebrate their birthday's without overcoats and gloves. 

In fact, they want summer birthday's so badly, that one year The Boy forgave his birthday and opted to celebrate his half birthday...right smack in the middle of S U M M E R!

The Boy loved slip and slides but he always wanted one longer. To make his summer {half} birthday dreams come true, I created a large DIY Slip N' Slide for his "Half-Birthday" celebration.

I started this project off at the local home improvement store. I found 10 feet x 100 feet of plastic sheeting for less than $60.00. Plastic sheeting comes in different weights so I used the 6 mil which was pretty thick plastic.  It was a little bit on the pricey side but it was the highlight of the party I splurged.

For the Slip N' Slide, we used half the plastic sheeting.  I left the plastic sheeting folded in half and then cut it around 50 feet long. {I used the other half for a second Slip N' Slide latter.}

Set up is not difficult. It does help to have a large area with a slight slope to it. Of course, you need access to water.  The last item needed to make your own Slip N' Slide is some type of substance to provide the slip. I considered baby oil but ruled it out because I did not want the "slip" to stick with us all day.

I ended up settling for Baby Shampoo. It provided enough slip to make the slide a lot of fun and it did not grease out their clothing or hair.  I probably used three bottles of baby shampoo on this slide. 

The kids loved the slide! The adults loved the slide!! Look at how sweet and small The Short Chic was.  She hardly weighed anything back then. I am pretty sure we flung her down the slide. She did not mind at all!

Makes me once again wish I could slow down time.

I also made 1/2 birthday cupcakes for treats for the party. They were delish and easy to make. I just a pipped a 1/2 out melted chocolate candy bark onto wax paper. Once it set up, I used them as cupcake toppers.  They were a little fragile but really sturdier than you would have imagined them to be. 

Sorry, I just had to get one more look at that cute baby face. I miss it.

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