Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 10 Weight Watchers Update

It has been a few weeks since I updated you all on my Weight Watcher's progress. I am still weighing in, please do not think I have given up or stopped. I just could not get it posted last week because we were in Denver, without internet service.

I weighed-in today. I lost another 2.2 pounds. This brings my total weight loss to 13 pounds in 10 weeks.

The super great news: I was on vacation for four of the seven days! I told the ladies at Weight Watchers that I seem to lose more weight when I am on vacation than during my "real" life, so I was just going to stay on vacation!

I bought a new gadget. You will probably see me wearing it. I purchased a BodyMedia monitor. If you watch The Biggest Loser, you might have noticed BodyMedia's competitor being worn on the contestants.   My new gadget is a small monitoring devise that is worn on the upper arm. It records the amount of calories burned each day, the amount of calories consumed, the difference between the two, the number of steps I take each day, my physical activity level, and my sleep duration.

I am so excited to begin using it! Unfortunately, it is charging right now. I will start tomorrow. Tracking in a new way.

Fancy tools get me all excited. I am not going to lie. I like gadgets.  Ironically, that was the topic at today's meeting. Gadgets do not guarantee success. (Although BodyMedia claims that people who use it are three times more successful.) Success has to come from within. I have to want this to happen. I have to make this happen. I have to stay committed to this happening.

I am ten weeks in. I am ten weeks strong. And I am 13 pounds less than I was before!

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