Saturday, August 11, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

I have kinda been missing for the past week. I am not sure why?

Maybe it is because I have been feeling a little under the weather, I hate it when my sinus act up. 
Maybe it is because I am tired. (too many sinus medications makes one sleepy!)
Maybe it is because The Boy is gone.
Or maybe ... just maybe...I needed a social media break.

In reality, it is probably a combination of all these things. 

Either way, I am still here. 

It has been a slow week or so. Even my photo taking on Instagram slowed way down. I had to remind myself to take photos!

1. It is now two Friday's ago, The Boy's baseball team finished out our baseball season in second place. Interesting note: We had zero rain-outs this year. That has never happened to us before.
2. Missouri had it's sales tax free weekend to help us parents out with back-to-school shopping. The Boy and I hit up the sale.
3. The Short Chic was a birthday party girl last weekend. She had a party on Saturday and Sunday! Here is her outfit for the first party. With her super fancy hair.
4. And her outfit for Sunday's party. We had a great time celebrating both of her friends' birthdays.

5. This weekend we were productive. We took a family bike ride. The Boy came with us for the first time. He pretty much blew us old people away.
6. This weekend several area grocery stores had meat sales. We purchased nearly 80 pounds of meat in bulk and repackaged it for use. I should not say "we". I should say The Husband. We have a full freezer now.
7. The Short Chic got some new nails. She is super excited to try them out.
8. Mid-week is when my energy crashed and I started sleeping. It is nice to have a sleeping partner!

9. We finally got some rain. Or at least from the clouds it looked like we were going to get rain. The wind blew. The trees whipped around. All in all, we got very little rain. I guess it was enough to drop the temperature.

I did great exercising this week; or I did until Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday were tough days to get through. I am pretty sure I was craving buttercream frosting. But instead of just eating a cupcake I found other things to eat. UGH! I think in the long run, I should have just had a cupcake. My bad behavior resulted in a .6 of a pound gain at Weight Watchers this week.

The Boy comes home tomorrow. I hope his return brings back my mommy mojo.

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