Sunday, August 19, 2012

State Fair Time

We took a road trip yesterday. To visit our State Fair! Today is the last day of the Fair but you really could not tell that as busy and active as it all was.

In the first hour of arriving, The Boy consumed a corn dog, curly fries, and ice cream! We found a vendor that was selling Pineapple Whips, which I have been reading about. {I am looking forward to comparing the one from yesterday to the one's at Disney!}

I used The Midway as a reward for looking at all the other things. Given a choice, they would spend all day riding rides and never once look at another person's accomplishment. 

We saw all kinds of animals. We even fed some in a petting zoo. The Short Chic about jumped out of her skin when a Yak stuck his tongue out to eat up the food she offered. It all happened so fast I could not get a photo of it! She did not mind feeding the goats but she was not a fan of the exotic animals. 

 Here are the three of them! The Boy brought along his favorite girl. She is really a joy to spend time with! The big kids took turns taking The Short Chic on the rides until we were told they were not allowed to.

 We walked A LOT! My step counter at the end of the day said I made over 12,500 steps for the day!
The kids enjoyed picking out new campers. They keep migrating towards the 5th Wheels but I keep telling them we would need a new truck! Seeing the campers made me miss my little Twinkie. {More about that later!}

 The only disappointment we had, was not finding a statue made of butter. I am not sure if we overlooked it, or there just wasn't one this year.  One thing we did do this year that we have never done, was attend some of the showings.  I had no idea what the judges were looking for, but it was fun to randomly select an animal and root for them. (Sorry to any of the "experts" sitting around us! We probably annoyed you all!)

 As we were getting ready to leave, Miss Short Chic was nearly sleep walking by this time, we saw the daredevil show was in progress. So we stopped and checked it out. Motorcycles in a metal ball, a motorcycle  on a high wire, and of course two men doing a Double Space Wheel.  What a great big brother, he put his sister on his shoulders so she could get a better view!

It was an exciting way to end the day at the Fair. Of course, as we were walking out, The Boy spotted Deep Fried Oreo's! {He must be in the middle of a growing spurt. He ate his way through the Fair and still went home hungry!}


  1. It looks like you guys had a fun time. I wanted to make it this year but the only time I had was during the week and didn't want to make the trek down and back again. So that's the little bundle of joy that the boy shares his tongue with huh?! I was quoting and talking about your kiddos yesterday. They make me laugh.

  2. We went to a fair this weekend too! Well, it was really more of a festival haha but it definitely has fair qualities.

    1. Fair or festival, the kids like it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from the Monday Moms Mingle! I love the state fair!!

    Chantal @ Scattered Seashells

    1. Thanks for visiting Chantel!
      I think I am going to add other state's fairs to my bucket list!