Friday, August 3, 2012

Countdown to Disney

We are 31 weeks away from our big trip to Disney.

I have seen so many cute countdown ideas on Pinterest but I can't use any of them. We are keeping this a secret from The Short Chic!

What I want to do before we leave is have her prepared for Disney. I would like her to know the characters.  You know, the other ones. The ones who are not Princesses. Dumbo, Nemo, The Mad Hadder,

I have devised a 31 week countdown. Each week we will feature a new movie. I will plan a meal around the movie, have a family dinner, and then watch the movie together. This way, The Boy gets a refresher course, The Husband and The Short Chic learn the characters. And me? I get some family time that does not involve a baseball field or a dance studio.

This week, we are watching Dumbo.  The menu for our dinner centers around circus food.

Homemade Corn Dogs
Elephant Ears
Caramel Apple Nacho's
Circus Peanuts
Cotton Candy

Rememer, it is the small moments in life that make up our lives!

Here are some photos of our Dumbo night.

From Pinterest:
Carmel Apple Nacho's
I thought they would have less
calories than carmeled apples.

Elephant Ears. There are so many variations available on the web. I made the easiest version I could find.


Homemade Turkey Corn Dogs.

She loved her corn dog! Until she ate a bit of her Elephant Ear.

Every Circus Ringleader has a mustache. So we got them too! You can't really see The Short Chic's
because it is pink. We also adopted funny voices. If you see the kids ask them about their "Mustache Voice!"

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