Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Update

We had a busy weekend. Friday night I got to help my friend Meeghan.  She is presenting at a national conference and we got to go shopping to find her the most perfect outfit.

Saturday we hosted a small but fun pre-Halloween party. We were blessed to have no rain so we had a wiener roast in our drive way. The little people in our world, sure looked cute all dressed up! Funny enough, I thought the little people would be scared of the creepy Halloween decorations but to our amusement, they grabbed those fake rats and ran around all night playing with them! I will post photos soon!

Of course we had to share the party with the MU/OU football game. We ended up with both fans, who played very well together! And I will say both were gracious with there win/loss. Not to offend Melissa Paige, but it is pretty cool that MU pulled a win out!

Sunday, my mother and I baked chicken. Literally, all day long! My in-laws had a church pot luck and they were suppose to bring the main dish. So my mother-in-law asked me to help her out by cooking the chicken. She said it would have stressed her out worrying about how good the chicken was if she did it, so she just turned it over to me. So with my Mom's help, we baked enough chicken to feed 40 people. I believe that was 7 fryers!  While we were at it, I made an extra fryer (that makes 8 fryers) for the family and Mom snuck in some stuffed chicken breast.  We literally spent six hours yesterday baking chicken.

The best news, after the pot luck Nana and Papa stopped by to tell us what a hit the chicken was at the church and how many compliments they received! The chicken was hot, juicy, and tasted very good! Success!!

Today, Mom and I are back in the doctors office. My Doctor is off this week so I had Lab work drawn this morning followed by treatment. The decrease from ten to eight Neupgen shots was successful, my blood work was good. My White Blood Count is 9600, my Hemoglobin is 11.8 and my platelet count was 173,000. They say these are good numbers for a chemo patient.

This is my 5th treatment. After this, I only have one session left. I believe soon I will have to repeat two test, the MUGA and the PET scan. The PET scan will hopefully tell us if I have any Cancer in my body. The MUGA will tell us whether my heart was damaged by the chemotherapy during this process.  So far, these test are not scheduled, so you will have to stay tuned.

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