Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Greatest Show on Earth

This post is silly.

I need a little humor in my life. It will help balance all the serious stuff that is happening. {Last night was the Mother's Tea. Five days until Baccalaureate. Six days until Honors Night. Ten days till the last day of school for Seniors. Thirteen days until graduation.}

A few weeks ago we had a Sunday lunch at Red Robin. The Short Chic is at the age where she loves the child friendly place-mats that have the kids menu printed on them at restaurants. She has become a great Waldo finder, plays a mean game of tick tack toe and has even sharpened her coloring skills.

Back to Red Robin. Their place-mat has a funny Find Your Circus Name that brought us all lots of chuckles. Since all of our last names where the same, we changed it to first name and middle name.

My circus name is: The Magnificent Sword Swallower!


The Short Chic is: The Benevolent Human Cannonball


The Husband is: The Amazing Sideshow Star!


The Boy is: The Unbelievable Crying Mime! 



Won't you join me in some stress-relieving silliness? What is your circus name?

First Name:                                                              Middle or Last Name:

A: The Incredible                                                        A: Dancing Seal
B: The Two-Headed                                                    B. Laughing Clown
C: The Amazing                                                          C. Soaring Acrobat
D: The Unthinkable                                                     D. Sword Swallower
E: The Superhuman                                                     E. Ball Juggler
F: The Flying                                                               F: Painted Horse
G: The Dazzling                                                          G: Crying Mime
H: The Fantastic                                                          H: Cannon Blaster
I: The Glow-in-the-dark                                               I: Fire Breather
J: The Unbelievable                                                     J: Ringmaster
K: The Twirling                                                           K: Mustached Zookeeper
L: The Wonderful                                                        L: Plate Spinner
M: The Impressive                                                       M: Snake Charmer
N: The Atrocious                                                          N: Trapeze/Artist
O: The Benevolent                                                       O: Siamese Twins
P: The Magnificent                                                       P: Human Cannonball
Q: The Formidable                                                       Q: Stilt Walker
R: The Make-believer                                                   R: Magic Elephant
S: The Purple                                                                 S: Spooky Magician
T: The Astounding                                                         T: Colorful Unicycle
U: The Backwards                                                          U: Talking Monkey
V: The Great                                                                   V: Tightrope Walker
W: The Spectacular                                                        W: Sideshow Star
X: The Invisible                                                              X: Singing Lady
Y: The Terrific                                                               Y: Lion Tamer
Z: The Upside-down                                                       Z: Top Hat

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