Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Price Matching Nightmare

Okay, so I might be under a little bit of stress these days. Both of my kids are involved in spring sports. The Short Chic is winding down year long sports. In addition to prom festivities and graduation preparations.  I would say that yes, I am a bit stressed.

I will also admit to not feeling the best. In a rush to finish projects I grabbed the curling iron heating element and not the handle. I seriously seared the palm of my hand and spent the entire day in major pain.  But my price matching nightmare I do not believe is attributed to my not feeling well or my stress level. Although it did not do much to aid with either one!

As I popped into my local Wal Mart store to pick up some needed photos for one of  my graduation projects,  I decided to pick up some groceries for our After Prom Breakfast. I can tell you that when I enter Wal Mart on a Saturday, or any day between Thanksgiving and New Year's,  I usually put on my extra patience outfit.

I can always expect that the lines will be long. That the other customers will be quick tempered. That the children will be tired and cranky. But this past weekend I nearly lost my damned mind right there at checkout line number 16.

I was actually quite pleased with myself for being patient enough to walk down to station 16 because I found only one person in that line. Bonus was that she was in the middle of her checkout process. I thought for sure I would be in/out of Wal Mart in a few short moments. In my book that is an accomplishment on a Saturday.

Until the lady in front of me tried to price match the items she was buying at Wal Mart. She literally told the cashier, "I am not sure where but these items are on sale somewhere."  I might be crazy but that is absolutely where this story should end. The clerk should have said, "I am sorry, unless you have the sale ad's to show me where, I can not price match these items."

But you all know that is not what happened. No instead the customer pulls out here smartphone and asks Siri to "locate a place that has this product on sale this week". When Siri was unable to help her, the Customer Service Manager on duty went and scrounged up all the weekly sale ads she could find.

She brought them to the register and they proceeded to go through every single advertisement. And I waited. And waited.

And when they could not find them in any of the advertisements, the Customer Service Manager just gave her a price match anyway. I guess Coke products are on sale....somewhere. Right?

Sadly I waited about a half an hour to check out. Yes, I probably should have taken my items off the belt and put them back into the cart and went and found another line to stand in.  I should have. But I did not. Instead I witnessed a horrible case of negative reinforcement.

Do any of  you  really believe that the customer listened when the CSM said, "next time bring your advertisements?"  WHY WOULD SHE? You just showed her that you will go to great lengths to find and even give away a price match. Heck, maybe I will just start claiming a price match in order to save myself a few dollars?

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