Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Senior Skip Day

Senior Skip Day.

A tradition I am familiar with. One that has not gone by wayside and, as I found out this week, is still being celebrated by seniors across the county. The Boy had his Senior Skip Day this week.

I remember my Senior Skip Day. Let's just say there was alcohol, sex, and drugs involved. (Not that this blogger was involved in those activities but they were present.) So, to say that The Boy's Senior Skip Day caused me a lot of anxiety is not an understatement!

The Seniors planned their skip day to coincide with home opener of baseball here in Kansas City. In case you outsiders forgot our Kansas City Royals are the 2014 American League Champions and this city loves their boys in blue! For those that could not get tickets to the home opener, tailgating in the parking lot was a better option than watching the game from home or a local drinking establishment.

Part of me was excited at the location for Senior Skip Day. I do not condone teen drinking and I spend a lot of time talking about that with my son. I was very concerned about how easy teen drinkers would be to get the attention of undercover and uniformed police officers.

I was also concerned with driving to and from the stadium. Yesterday alone, 40,000 people attended the game. That does not include all those extra's who drove out just to tailgate. That is a lot of people navigating the roadways at one time.  While two years of driving makes The Boy an expert in his head, it clearly does not in mine!

I am happy to say, he made it safely to and from Senior Skip Day. And while he never got tickets to the game, he did help cheer our Kansas City Royals to their first official victory of the season!

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