Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Boy's Final Food Day

This post is about The Boy. And Buffalo Chicken Dip. But mostly about The Boy and his love for Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Throughout high school, The Boy has occasionally had a "food day" at school. I can't even remember when the first food day was held. 8th grade? Freshman year? Sophomore, maybe.  What I do recall is that The Boy told me about food day around 9:00 p.m. the night before.

 In a sheer panic to come up with something that would give me cool mom points, I scoured the kitchen pantry to find something he would like.  I happened to have a few chicken breast cooked (we prep them and they make a quick lunch), we always Ranch Dressing, shredded cheese, and even cream cheese on hand. By accident we had a bottle of winger sauce in the fridge. So, we made Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Not only did I get cool points, The Boy must have gotten them as well. He came home and report his dip was a hit! He has continued to ask for it every time there is a food day. Unfortunately, The Boy's advanced planning did not get much better. He would always tell me about the food day the night before. My husband and I learned to adapt ourselves to his short notice. We switched to having canned chicken breast on hand and winger sauce became a staple in our pantry.

His planning may not have improved but over time we have transitioned from Mom making the dip to son making it. If he has not learned how to cook anything else, he knows how to make Buffalo Chicken Dip and ramen noodles. Sounds like a survival plan for college if you ask me!

Now that you know and understand our pattern for the past four or so years, imagine my surprise when this year, his Senior year, he starts telling me about a food visit a few days in advance.  A sign of maturity! A sign of advanced planning! It has finally started happening. Please say it is not a fleeting moment!

Tuesday of this week, The Boy and I were out shopping. Before we prepared to leave the store, I asked him if he had any needs. He blew me over when he said, "Mom, we have a food day on Friday." I did a happy dance right there in the grocery store aisle. So pleased with his advanced planning, I even gave him an opportunity to pick something new. But no, The Boy loves Buffalo Chicken Dip.

We have about 25 days left in his high school career. Today could be his last food day. Sadly, I will miss this moment next year.

The Boy's Favorite Buffalo Chicken Dip

10 ounce canned chicken breast                                                        
1 block of cream cheese
1/2 cup winger sauce
1/2 cup ranch dressing
2 cups shredded cheese

Put everything in a microwavable bowl and microwave in small increments until you can easily stir with spoon and everything is blended. 

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