Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Public Admission(s)

I am going to publically acknowledge that I have been a poor blogger this spring/summer.

It is not that I have finally ran out of things to say {like that could ever happen!}. Or that my life has gone bland {we are still spicing it up over here!}. Or that health concerns still do not impact me {in fact, a dear friend of mine is facing one now}.

The truth of the matter is, I will formally admit, I have finally spread myself too thin. There Husband. I have formally admitted that I have a problem. I. Take.On. Too. Much!

I have always wanted my kids to be involved in what I call "pro-social" activities. They are the type of activites you want your kids involved with (organized sports, dance, 4-H, piano lessons, book clubs, cheer, science club, chess club, ect.) as oppossed to those activities you do not want your kids invovled with (reckless behavior like drinking, drugs, non-stop video gaming, sleeping all day, sex, criminal activity, ect).

When we just had The Boy, it was pretty easy. We did one sport at a time and then moved on to the next one. The Short Chic has been too young for much but we were pretty good at limiting them to one thing at a time. I use to wonder how people with multipe kids juggled it all.

Until this spring. And the flood gates opened!  The Boy played spring baseball on a rec league. He played basketball with a rec league, and then still did high school basketball off-season conditioning. The Short Chic was in dance, gymanstics, for the first time ever t-ball, private swim lessons, and the grand-daddy of them all Kindergarten Summer School!

The Husband and I found ourselves somewhere with one or both kids every single night of the week except one. It seems that since we made it home from Disneyworld in March we have been meeting ourselves coming and going. Of course, it was not all about the kids either. I took a road trip in May with Miss Medical Student.

We have camped twice already this summer, we have been working on the Twinkie, gave up and bought a pop-up camper, went on a Float Trip, made several trips to my mother's, attended two family reunions, and got a new roof put on the house.

In addition, I know have offically one month until my huge keynote presentation at work. All of my energy for writing has been zapped up in writing this presentation. Can I say, that I will be relieved when it is over.
Maybe things are slowing down. We certaintly have more free nights at home. Hopefully I can interact with you all a little more! Thanks for your understanding!


  1. I get it. My oldest was doing karate 3x a week and drum lessons while my little man did T-ball, which was 3 different times a week. Ugh. Now they both do karate and even though they are in different classes, they are back to back, so I am only running around 3 nights a week.

  2. Thanks for the updates! The new roof on the house must’ve been one of the biggest projects you undertake in the last few months. Well, it’s great to see that it is done. Do you have any house projects lined up? I’d love to hear more from you. Keep blogging! @ Royal Roofing & Siding, Inc.