Friday, July 26, 2013

My Little Fashionista!

This is The Short Chic. She is all about fashion! I am not sure if she is a fashionista, yet. But some day I believe she might be.

She is about to set a new trend. She has been wearing this new look for the past three days. Can you spot it?

Look closer...down there....

Forget mismatched socks. This girl is all about the mismatched shoes!

Here is another version. Seriously, we do not wear mismatched socks in our family. So, I am not sure where she came up with this. The other day she wore one flip flip and one dress sandle. Why? She said, "just because I wanted to."

On another note, maybe I should stop making her Easy Peasy Flip Flops!

And if she could not get any siller, she now thinks she is a cat. MEOW!!

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