Friday, July 5, 2013

Goal: Clean Out The Basement

Almost a year ago, I made a goal to get my basement cleaned out. Yes, I practice procrastination. 

A few thing have occurred that made the necessity to get this chore done sooner than later. 

So, today, we started tackling this massive project. 

Hour One. Yep, as I started this project, I began contemplating my hoarding tendencies. I almost wanted to cry it was so overwhelming. In case you can't see her, The Short Chic is in the picture. She was my helper for this task.

Closing Time. I have decided I am not a hoarder. I found it very easy to throw things away; hoarder's struggle with parting with things. I do have a lot of stuff. I started counting the number of trash bags I pulled out of here. I got lost in the number. 

Hour One:  The condition of the basement has been totally embarrassing to me for a long time.

Closing Time: At closing time, I am feeling hopeful.

Hour One: The majority of things in the basement were things set aside for a yard sale. I usually have one every year. I am just not sure I want to have another one. They are so much work for a little payoff. I decided today to set everything aside for goodwill.  Just removing the goodwill stuff was a huge payoff.

Closing Time: Yep. My feet are tired. Honestly they hurt. But no time to whine. We are back at it tomorrow.

Stay tuned for Day 2. Tomorrow we will decide what to take to goodwill, what to post on Craigslist, and what to throw away.

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  1. I need to do the same thing because my basement is in a similar state.