Sunday, June 30, 2013

Easy Peasy Summer Flip Flops

We live in flip flops all summer long. Who doesn't?

The other night The Short Chic suffered a blow-out in her flip flops. We threw them away and walked home barefooted.

The Short Chic has a hard time letting things go. I had to promise her a new pair or she would not have thrown them away.

I found super inexpensive flip flops at a large craft store. They were less than $2.00 a pair. I also picked up some ribbon and some sparkly buttons. Total project cost: $7.00 a pair.

 Making these flip flops is easy and quick. You simply cut pieces of ribbon, tie them around the straps of the flip flop. I used pink and black ribbon and alternated colors. You can make a pair with all one color or go crazy and use a whole rainbow of colors.

After I was finished, I trimmed the ends of the ribbon and used my E-6000 to glue a sparkly pink button to the center of each flip flop. I really don't think it needs this step, but the sparkly button sure made The Short Chic happy.

And that is what my summer is all about. Making my kids happy! She is now a sassy girl at the pool in her pink and black customized flip flops.

This craft is a great simple activity to make on a rainy summer day. Or maybe a  Or while camping with the family when the little ones get a little bored? Where ever you decide to make them, have fun!

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