Thursday, September 13, 2012

Product Review: Betty Crocker Cupcake Icing

If you know me, you know I love cupcakes! I love making them, decorating them, eating them. Even the site of a cupcake makes me smile!

So taking a dessert to my 25 year class reunion was a no brainier. I was going to make cupcakes. I had the time to make the cupcakes but felt a time crunch to make homemade butter cream frosting. I found Betty Crocker's Cupcake Icing in the baking isle of my local store.

The can of frosting cost about $4.50. They have vanilla and chocolate.  In the interest of saving time, I decided to give it a try. I went ahead and purchased two cans and I am really glad I did because I ran out faster than I thought I would.

I was taken back on my very first squirt of frosting. I thought it would be ...fluffier. It was a bit runny. I gave it a good shake in case I was rushing and did not do it well enough the first time. It still did not get fluffy. In the end, it kinda reminded me of cheese in a can.

The process: I am assuming you have two ways of decorating cupcakes. First, you use a decorator's bag filled with homemade frosting or some type of store bought frosting. Second, you open a store bought tub of frosting, grab a knife and start frosting.

My Cupcakes in a Jar

This is a can that you twist on a plastic tip.  The can is upside down and you push on the nozzle to make the frosting come out. Kinda like a decorator bag. But not really. I found it difficult to get the control I needed to decorate.  It was all a bit more than a handful. I had a hard time juggling the cupcake, the can and getting the nozzle pushed over.

The taste: Some people eat cake for the cake. I eat cake for the frosting. I love frosting! With that in mind, my expectations around frosting are pretty high. I did not particularly like the taste. However, I did chat with a lot of the people at my class reunion and they thought it tasted just fine.

Overall, I am going to give this product a 2/5 stars. I do not foresee that I will use this type of frosting again. I think next time I am in a time crunch I will probably buy tub frosting and put it in a decorator's bag and pipe. (I think it will be easier, taste better, and cost less!)

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