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I use real butter. Yes, real butter. Not the kind made with chemicals. Not the kind that is lower in fat or lower in calories. The real stuff.

I leave doors and cabinets open. I think this has gotten worse over the years. It use to just be my dresser drawers. I would semi close them, just not get them all the way closed. My ex-husband is the one who pointed it out. I have progressed...or digressed depending on how you look at it! Now I leave the kitchen cupboard doors open as well. (And since I am in no space to scold the kids, The Boy does it too! (Sorry Future Mrs. The Boy!)

I can not grow finger nails. I so admire women with long, well manicured nails. I just can not grow them. First of all, I have an odd shaped thumbs. Second, my nails just break off when they reach a certain length. Unfortunately, that break off point is rather short. I have tried at times to buy nails. But the upkeep is so much. Not to mention I always find it makes my real weak nails really really weak.  So I just have ugly nails.

I have a very, very weak sense of smell. Yep, it is true. My sense of smell went away over ten years ago. I won't say I have no sense of smell but it is very limited. I can smell things that are strong but not much after that. Once I laid a kitchen towel too close to a burner. The Husband was all freaking out over the smell. He knew something was burning. I just looked at him like he was crazy. 15 minutes after he found the smoldering towel, I could smell it!

My kitchen island is constantly a mess! It is the place in the house that every member of my family puts things. I usually have to clean a portion of it off just to cook dinner. However, within 24 hours it is back just as cluttered as ever.

I have turned into a late night owl. I use to be in bed by nine. Casually over the years it has crept closer to midnight before I crawl into bed. I find that my time starts when the kids go to bed. Sometimes I am crafting. Sometimes I am on the computer. Occasionally I am up late to watch my television. More recently, I have been up late reading.

I love Sons of Anarchy. There I said it. I am open to your judgement. I get that this show is not for everyone. It is a show full of violence, criminal behavior, bad language, and is beyond graphic!  With all that, I look forward to Tuesday just so I can watch this show on FX.



  1. You are too cute lady! Love your sense of self. PS...the door thing will only get worse. HA! Diana

    1. Diana, Maybe I should just take the doors off? I will wait till the kids are gone, buy pretty dishes and take the doors off. Then I can't leave them open. What do you think?


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