Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Camping Trip and Evite

We are going camping this weekend!

What started off as an idea has morphed into a full fledged camping trip weekend. I love to camp. We use to go all the time when we had an RV but we have not gone at all since the RV went away. (The RV went away about the same time The Short Chic came along.) She is older now and is ready for a weekend outdoors.

Going camping is always more enjoyable with other people so I whipped up an Evite to send out. Have you ever used Evite? It is a cool website that allows you to create and manage invitations to events.

I found an invitation that was perfect for camping.  I added all of our specific information, imported email addresses and sent the Evite out. What I was not anticipating is that almost everyone I sent the invitation to said YES!

 So, I have been busy the past several weeks planning a camping trip for 8 families, 14 kids, and a total of 30 people (Katie, I counted you as a grown-up now)!!!

Anyone who knows me I knows I am a planner and I love having something to plan. Evite has made the planning so much easier.  One of the new features is the "Sign Up to Bring Something."  This feature allowed me to list out items campers needed to bring, how many items we needed and then it allowed everyone to sign up to bring something. Distribution of items has NEVER been easier!

The weather is suppose to be perfect fall weather for our weekend (sunny, no rain, mid 70's during the day). I think we all can expect the temp to drop at night and it will get a bit chilly! We have our food planned. We have activities planned, keeping 13 kids entertained takes a small bit of forethought.

Oh, there is one last super cool thing about Evite that I wanted to share; the polling option. Evite allows you to create a poll and question your group. There was a lot of talk about wanting to camp two nights instead of one. I create a poll and asked. Quick and informative!

 I know a lot of bloggers get paid to do advertisements. This is not one of those post. I used this site. I did not receive any compensation from Evite. I just found it the coolest and easiest way to plan this camping trip and wanted to share with you all. Maybe Evite can help you with your next social event.

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