Thursday, February 23, 2012

Road To The Oscars: Part IV

Well, I used some comp time and left work early to finish out my Best Picture quest.

I basically had a private showing of Hugo today. Me and my Diet Coke alone in a movie theater.

Someone asked me today what were my favorites? Well, other than the Tree of Life, I really liked them all. I think they are all "good" movies. But I am not in love with any of them. I do not passionately want one to win the Oscar over the others. Is anyone else feeling less than passionate about this year's nominations?

                       War Horse Movie Poster 2

War Horse: 
Nominated for: Best Picture, Cinematography, Art Direction, Best Director, Original Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing.

This was a very good story. I cried. I laughed. And then I cried some more. Animal cruelty is just as hard to watch as child abuse is. I told my husband, even though this is a "war" movie, I think he would consider it to be a "chick" flick.  The Boy went with me to see it and I noticed he spent quite a bit of time on his cell phone (he thought he was hiding it under his shirt!).  The Cinematography is spectacular.


Nominated for: Best Picture, Cinematography, Art Direction, Costume Design, Best Director, Film Editing,
Original Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Visual Effects, Adapted Screen Play

What a wonderful story. I think I am a sucker for stories about people who have lost their way and an unexpected someone helps them find their way back. (Kinda reminds me of my day job.) This movie is seamless and just amazing. What is real? What is computer animated?  I just know I did not want to dissect it but just enjoy it. I also enjoyed seeing a few familiar faces in this movie. Ben Kingsley, Sacha  Cohen, and Jude Law.

Other movies I have watched:
I spent some time watching movies nominated for technical awards. One of them, Real Steel, was cute and entertaining. I kinda wish I had waited for the family to be home but I watched it alone.  I also re-watched The Help. I had seen it before but I watched it standing up in the kitchen when Miss Medical Student was here. I liked it. I did not LOVE it. So, I thought maybe I should give it another chance. I still liked it. I think my reluctance to love it comes from the fact that I just LOVED the book.

So there you have it. All 9 Best Picture nominations plus a few extra here and there. We are having an Oscar weekend so I am sure there will be at least one more post about the Oscars.

Things are happening quickly here. The Oscars, The Short Chic's birthday, and the birth of the BFF's baby is imminent, and that means a Sip and See Shower very soon.Oh yeah, and my Momma's birthday is in that mix. Whew!  I am ready for Birthday Season to be over! (just kidding, as soon as I typed that I knew I did not really mean it!)

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