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A Valentine's Day Chase

I had an adults only night out last night!

My dearest friend Meeghan and I have been up to our eyeballs in Mommy-ville! We have dreamed about having an adult dinner. You remember them...real ceramic plates with actual breakable glass to drink from! Adult conversations, something grown-up for dinner. Oh and no small child yelling, "Mom, I gotta go pee-pee!" as soon as we actually settle down to eat. No siblings fighting.  No spills.

Yes, an adult dinner! And maybe an adult movie to follow. Oh that sounded like heaven!

So, we kinda had a double date. Meeghan and her husband (The Honeysuckles) and me and my BFF, Tracy. My husband graciously agreed to stay home with the kids so that Tracy and I could go see a nominated film together and we  coordinated with The Honeysuckles for dinner! We picked an Oyster Bar, had a few beers (except for Tracy, she is 8 1/2 months pregnant).

We had great food. Great laughs. Great conversations. Even nearly running into an ex-boyfriend at dinner could not spoil our night.

Tracy and I said goodbye to The Honeysuckles at dinner, they were watching a different movie than us. It is Oscar time and we can't waste any movie watching on non-Oscar movies. They headed to see The Grey and we saw The Descendants.

As the movie was ending, I got a text message from my husband that said, "there is a note on the door from the garage to the house for you. be sure to read it. hurry home, we miss you."

Oh, how nice is that?!

I do not take very many nights away from the family, so I was happy to be missed. I drove home and found a note on the door that told me I had a surprise on the dinning room table. There I found...

 A dozen pink roses! With this loving note:

So the note told me to head to the kids' bathroom. There I found a card:

 A pretty princess card from my favorite pretty princess, The Short Chic. Inside the card was a loving note from her:

 We have been working hard on her learning to write her name. I guess she decided to write her nickname instead.

And then I was given my next instruction. Head to the treadmill, back downstairs.

There I found:

 The Boy's note said, "My card is on the Treadmill because you always go the extra mile everyday." His card told me that I melt his heart. We have been telling each other that for years. (It is a line from the movie, Hope Floats".  He still melts my heart too!

 I was then instructed to head to the microwave up in the kitchen.  I went there and found an itunes card and a note saying that I make their hearts sing! Oh how sappy sweet is that!

The microwave note sent me to the living room to look under one of the cushions. There I found a Nike t-shirt and another note.

This note said that Valentine's Day is all about you!! Then I was instructed to head to the bread box back in the kitchen.

There I found a loving note from my true love, The Husband.

Then there was another note telling me to head upstairs to my bed and look under my pillow.
When I got there I found a large orange box with a white swoosh on it.

A new pair of purple/hot pink Nike shoes! As you all know The Husband and I have been on a weight loss plan and exercise is part of it.  So, he stayed clear of chocolates and sweets and purchased me something full of love.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentines Day!


  1. How Awesome!! You truly are loved! I love how your family has followed your adventerous example of doing a fun scavenger hunt! You knew tenny's look alot like mine. We are Nike sisters!

  2. This is so cute!!! Your family is the best!
    We had a great time last night!!!

  3. the Honeysuclkles. That's great. nice shoes and great husband!Cathy Roberts


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