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Pre-Super Bowl Party

Today was The Boy's family party for his birthday. Since we are having a large Super Bowl party tomorrow for his friends, we had a pre-party today.  It was a great day. We had both sides of our family here and it was a joy to spend time with them. 

The house is decorated and ready for Super Bowl. We had some football food today. I thought I would share with you all some of the photos from our day.

 My dining room table. I successfully grew grass in a bucket that holds my new PVC goal post.  I love how it turned out! I also snuck into Home Depot yesterday and purchased the indoor/outdoor grass that I used as a dining room tablecloth.
 We served individual 7 layer dips, veggie sticks in Ranch dressing, and Alabama Fire Crackers.  I used spice racks as my bleachers. This is the Patriots side of the field.
 An up-close view of my goal post.
 The Boy's birthday cake. It is probably the worst cake I have ever made. I am not sure what happened to it. I made all kinds of jokes about going on a diet and eating healthy caused me to forget how to bake! But never fear, even though the cake was questionable...the frosting was divine!
 The NY Giants side of the field. I asked everyone who they were going to cheer for during the big game. The majority of family members said NY. {I said The Patriots}. {Papa said he was going to cheer for one team during the first quarter and then another the second quarter. I asked him if he was going to cheer for the same team in the third as he did in the first and he said, probably. So, I asked if he could cheer for the Patriots in the second and fourth!}

 My table.

Pom Pom decorations in the kitchen. These pom poms also hang in my entry way
I also created a word search full of football words and hung it on the kitchen window. The family loved it!

These banners hang in my downstairs family room. The red ones say PATRIOTS and the blue ones say NY GIANTS. there are two in-between that say VS. So the whole thing says, PATRIOTS VS NYGIANTS.
I predict most of The Boy's friends will be hanging out down in this room, so it is ready for them. 

 My mantel decorations.

The Boy and The Short Chic as the family sings Happy Birthday!

After everyone left, my dear friend Meeghan hung out with me. Our husbands were busy watching the big Border War game at a mutual friends home so we just let the kids play and cooked. We prepared a few more of the dishes for tomorrow's party.

I found this recipe for Snickers Popcorn on Six Sisters' Stuff and I immediately pinned it knowing I would want to make if for The Super Bowl party {The Boy reminded me in his I can't believe you did this to me voice, that he has braces and can't eat popcorn. OH DARNED my luck! I am just gonna have to eat this myself!! WHAT WAS I THINKING??  and he thinks I am not smart!}

So anyway..back to my story. We decided to whip this up tonight and nearly set the house on fire. I kid you not! We had just made the caramel sauce that went on top of the popcorn and peanuts.  As soon as we added the baking soda, the mixture started bubbling up and over the saucepan! I panicked! Could not think. Could not do anything other yell Meeghan's name. Over and over. Luckily, my hubby was still home and came to the rescue and came up with a solutions. But not before some of the mixture bubbled over and onto the stove. Black smoke arose and filled the house faster than you all can imagine!

Just as we got the popcorn mixture under control, with the house still filled with black smoke, the door bell rang and there was my Father-in-Law. Utter embarrassment! He walks in and asks if we need the fire department!

All is well. The only thing that burned was the mixture that fell onto the hot stove. The Hubby was a saint and even cleaned that up. We went ahead and made the rest of the popcorn and I have to tell you all, it was amazing! Use the link above and check out Six Sisters' Stuff and make yourself some Snickers Popcorn.

Good night my friends! Tomorrow is another day and I have to get some sleep so I can throw another party. More photos later!


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