Monday, February 13, 2012

FINALLY...A Snow Day!

 Finally, we had a snow day. Why did it have to occur on a state holiday? I was so looking forward to time alone today. Instead, I got lots of projects finished. And, I got to hang out with two of the greatest kids!

Alone time can wait!

The Boy is still laid up from his emergency surgery, so no sledding for him. He is also not suppose to throw things but I saw him sneak in a few snowballs. {Mom is always looking!}

Instead, he taught his sister to make snowballs, a snowman, and make snow angels.

As far as teaching her that you could eat snow, well...I am afraid her friend taught her that.  She saw the neighbors dog eating snow and thought it was funny until her little friend said, "Its okay to eat snow." As funny as she thought that was, I found her next with a mouth full of snow.

So, I had to teach her the "golden" rule about eating snow. She is now passing that knowledge along to everyone she sees.

Happy Snow Day everyone!

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  1. You have the cutest family ... yes even Wayne is kinda cute :) Miss you guys!!