Sunday, January 15, 2012

We All Have It In Us...

My blogging has taken a back seat to my life these past few weeks. Or at least my soon-to-be new life.

The Husband and I have made it our goal to get healthy this year. You know, eat better, exercise more, lose weight type stuff. Doing those things is time consuming. I use to spend my time doing creative things; baking, crafting, and blogging.  These days, I am on the treadmill.

The realization that I have not baked in sixteen days hit me today. My coworker had  a birthday and I did not bake cupcakes (I did buy her a cupcakes scented candle).  My niece had a birthday and I did not make a cake (Kristin, can you believe I purchased one?).  Instead, I have been counting calories, planning healthy meals, breathing heavy and sweating. YES, me. I have been sweating.

Yesterday, I was doing an endurance workout (aka one hour on the treadmill) while watching an old episode of The Biggest Loser. One of the contestants, an older man who was walking a marathon, said something that has stuck with me for the weekend. He said, "we all have it in us, sometimes we just have to dig to find it."

I am digging right now. Somewhere inside of me, is a healthy person.A person who can eat out on occasion and not on a daily basis. A person who exercises on a regular basis.  A person who knows and understands balance.  I am just in the process of digging her out.

Then I thought about this some more, an hour on the treadmill is a long time, and I thought about other things. Some very dear people in my life are struggling right now. One is having some relationship troubles, one is having financial troubles, a few are struggling with parenting, and one is struggling with depression. These friends also have it inside them. They just need to dig deep.

Life is full of adversity. But one thing I know is true, we must not give into that adversity. We must never give up. I have often thought that I would like my life to be easier. To have a better hand of cards, if you will. But I know that who I am today, is because of my life experiences.  So, to a point, I think we can expect life to give us challenges, a good curve ball every now and then.

The real challenge comes from learning how to hit that curve ball. Not letting it knock us out of the game. Just when I had almost resigned myself to believing that I will always be overweight, I dug a little deeper. I pulled out some new tools. I reworked my thinking and find myself faced with this new challenge. A challenge to over come.

So I say to my friends, to you. Honestly, we all have it in us, sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper to pull it out. What change do you need to make? How deep have you dug? Did you scratch the surface? Did you stop there because you found a layer of hard impacted dirt?  Did you expect it to be easy? It can't be. We did not get here overnight. In my case, and probably in yours, it has been a long time in the making. Those old patterns and behaviors have roots that run deep. Of course, digging past them is going to be hard. But, once we get past the hard parts, it does get easier.

We just have to keep digging.

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  1. Wow, this post brought me to tears. You are so right Pam. A little digging, a little sweating will make it all worth while in the long run. So I need to quit doing my little crying and dig a little deeper. You truly are my inspiration.