Friday, January 27, 2012

The Boy is 15

The little boy I have been driving all over is old enough to obtain a driver's permit. He is almost old enough to drive himself to practice, or to the game, or to the movies. Almost. But not quite yet. When I think of him actually driving a car, panic sets in! He might be ready, but I know I am not.

We have not been eating out {yes, we have stuck with that goal} so our one eat out this month was to his choice. He had a lot of deciding where he wanted his birthday dinner to be. At first he selected Jimmy John's. I thought The Husband was going to explode! He had been anxiously awaiting his one meal out for the month and he absolutely did not want to waste it on Jimmy Johns!

In the end, he selected our favorite Japanese Sushi/Steakhouse. From the moment we set down and the chef started his first "fire" The Short Chic was engaged in the process. It was the first time The Short Chic was introduced to chop sticks. She loved them. She got so much pleasure out of picking up the smallest piece of food with her Chop Sticks. But in the end...she just slurped up those noodles in the way that was most fun!

She was much more prepared for the second fire of the night. The first one, she literally jumped out of her skin!

I normally get up and make him a large breakfast on the morning of his birthday but this year he is in high school and he has to leave our home by 6:45 a.m. No way could I get myself up and productive early enough to accomplish that. And since we already had our one eat out the night before, he had to settle for birthday Corn Flakes! {I provided him with "real" milk, none of that skim milk stuff for him!}
He was well supported at his game that night. His sister and I were there. Along with his father and brother.  As well as his Aunt and two cousins. We would have all liked a win but instead he got balloons and a slice of apple pie. {How does a child of mine NOT like cake?}

In the mean time, preparations keep happening at the house for his big birthday party which is on Super Bowl Sunday. Last night I finished up two more projects, banners. They are already hanging up in the house.  The one below is a generic Super Bowl banner made with greens and black. It is hanging right above the TV.
 I used 12x12 printed paper, black, green, light brown, dark brown, and white cardstock. I cut the shapes out with my cricut and tied it all together with ribbon. All the while, The Husband is shaking his head at me and saying, "They are 15 year old boys, they are not going to be looking at the decorations."  Even if they don't; I am.

The other project I have finished is the mantel banner. Here I used blue, red, and white cardstock and made mini 3 inch pennant flags and helmets in the team colors. This year that is pretty easy as both team colors are red, white and blue. The mantel is not 100% finished yet but I am getting closer.

9 days until kickoff! My house will be a buzz this weekend getting things ready.


  1. Cute, cute, cute....Happy Birthday BOY!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to "The Boy"!! So glad he picked a great place to eat. I would be just like Wayne on that one and trump his dicision if he picked JJ's. Lovin the decorations. Tell way that they may not notice the decorations but it brings in abou 90% of the football spirit. I'm getting excited by just looking at the decorations. Go New....(I haven't decided yet).