Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolution

I do not perform well to pressure. So making new year's resolutions on New Year's Eve never works for me. I like a few days to mull it over. Think about it. Get it right.

I have spent some time thinking about my goals in the past few days.

Goal #1:  Better Eating Habits

My family is famous for eating out. I am embarrassed to admit out loud how many times a week we (all of us or parts) will eat at a fast food restaurant. We go to the grocery store, purchase food, and then never make a plan for meals. Then we find ourselves rushed or hungry and there we are...right back at a restaurant.

So my steps under Goal #1:
1. Plan a weekly menu.
2. Spend time on Saturday/Sunday preparing 7 meals to have in the freezer. That way we can just pull a completed meal out, reheat it, and eat at home.
3. Plan to eat out only ONCE a month.
4. Pack a lunch every day.
5. Learn and practice portion control.
6. If I can't wash it, I should not eat it. Which means I am going to have to curb my baking habits. Maybe I will only bake for others.
7. Clean out the cupboards and fridge. Get rid of those things that we should not be eating.
8. Use a food tracker to monitor what I am eating.

Goal #2: More Activity

We are not active people. We come home, put our jammies on and sit on the coach. A week or so before Christmas we were shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart and decided to purchase ourselves a treadmill. My husband summed it up well when he said he is tired of watching The Biggest Loser from the coach. It is time to watch it from the treadmill. Well, a few days before New Year's Eve, they delivered the treadmill.

So my steps for this goal:
1. Get on that treadmill and walk 6 out of 7 days.
2. Walk at least 20 minutes a day.

Goal #3: Organize and Clean The  House

Housework is the second thing I will ignore for "fun" stuff (exercise is the first). I would rather watch TV or craft than clean! Then we invite someone over and we clean like mad. I like the feeling I have when the place is clean and organized. It is my goal to have that year round.

My steps under this goal:
1. Develop a cleaning schedule that everyone in the family participates in.
2. Select an area each week and go through it.
3. Eliminate possessions that we are not using/have not used/or are not needed.
4. Decrease spur of the moment purchases.

There you have it. Not sure if this is a completed list or not. I still have a few more things rattling around in my head that might end up in formal goal statements.

Happy New Year! And best of luck to you on your new year's goals.


  1. I used sidetrack home executives to manage my household tasks plus a group of friends that were doing the same and that really helped me. Cathy Roberts

  2. Look at the social worker coming out in you. Outcomes, goals, interventions...Oh my! You are more than welcome to bake for me. I'll help you in that process. I eat for four, lol. Okay, I need to jump on your van wagon for all of them. I know you are going to do a super job this year. You can do it!!

  3. I am super proud of you!! Jackie G