Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Cool Gift: Birchbox

There are those people out there that are great at gift giving. I so wish I were one of them. But, sadly, I do not believe I am.

My best friend on the other hand. She is unbelievable amazing at gift giving. In fact, one of her amazing gifts is so cool that it is blog worthy!

 Let me introduce you to the Birchbox. What is Birchbox? Only one of the coolest thing in the planet. This little box comes delivered to my door every month in  a bright pink shipping box. Who can't stand a little pink in their life?

 The box is full of pinkness! And samples. And more samples! Each month you get a new assortment of samples of beauty products. I have to say, they are really decent sized samples.

My January Birchbox arrived last week. It came with a sample of CO Bigelow shampoo and conditioner.

Anti-wrinkle cream. (I so wish I did not need this one! But since I do, YEAH ME!)

 A sample of Juicy Couture perfume, a bottle of lavender Zoya fingernail polish, and a bonus sample of Baume de Rosa by Terry.

Besides of delivery of samples each month, I get the opportunity to provide feedback to the distributors and earn discounts off of full size products.

Check them out on the web at www.birchbox.com

Just in case you are wondering, no, I did not get paid for this post.

It is just an amazing cool gift from an amazing cool person and I thought I would say, Thanks Girlfriend, I love it! I would bet your girlfriends would like it too, or maybe even a subscription for yourself?

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