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Miss Emily Elizabeth

 This is my kitty. I named her Miss Emily when I got her in the spring of 1994. Miss Emily  was not her first name. A coworker of mine had never had cats before so she got two. She did not realize how nocturnal cats where. So she planned to give them to a shelter. I could not take both, but I selected her. Her name then was Kitty. Later, after The Boy started Kindergarten, he added a middle name. Her name became Miss Emily Elizabeth. Then my husband came along. He called her McKitty. After The Short Chic came along, she just called her Kitty. I think it is ironic how her name came full circle.

 She walked funny because she broke her leg when she was a mere kitten. The vet could not see the break on the x-ray so it was never set. She loved to sleep with me. If I opened a can of tuna she came running. She loved the smell of it. I also let her lick my cereal and ice cream bowls. She also loved to drink water straight from the faucet.
She tolerated two little kids: The Boy and The Short Chic. She did not however appreciate any other little kids. She would hiss at them something fierce. She also did not appreciate dogs. She pretty much hated them.

Miss Emily passed away last night. She would have been 18 years old this March. Her passing was not a surprise. Even though in the past few years she has thinned out, she really started looking ill about three days ago. My Husband told the family yesterday that the end was near. He and I even talked about the worst decision we have had to make as a couple: should we call the Vet to put her to sleep.

Last night I went to sleep nuggling her and woke up to my husband telling me that she had passed. He stayed up with her. Checked on her every hour.

Miss Emily Elizabeth aka McKitty 
March 2, 1994 - December 16, 2011


  1. Thinking of you Pam! My animals are members of our family too! Very sad to lose them. Sounds like Miss Emily had a good life.

  2. Oh Pam, I'll always remember sitting on your couch and she was in the middle of us and suga tryna get up on the other side of me. I thought I was in WW3. She didn't play but she definitely wasn't moving from her spot. She will be missed but the memories will be cherished.

  3. oh no, I am so sorry. She was a good girl.

  4. Awwww....Miss sorry. Im glad I had the pleasure of meeting her. Thinking of you.

  5. So sorry to hear abuot your oss, we have had our cat 16 years and she is going into decline just like your cat did. Take care!!

  6. So sorry- pets are such a part of the family! Hugs to you!

  7. Awww...I'm sorry. We just lost our baby girl Brandi a couple of months ago and I feel for you! I am still grieving for her! You are in my prayers.

  8. So sorry for your loss.

  9. Oh no! I feel so badly for you...sorry to hear you lost your furry friend.

  10. It is hard, I know. They are your family. Sorry for the loss.

  11. I'm sorry Pamela. I'm sure she will be missed but never forgotten.

  12. Pamela, I am so very sorry for your loss. I loved Miss Emily too! I remember first meeting her in CO when she was on your ironing board. Such a sweet, sweet kitty. Hugs your Hubby for me as he was such a wonderful pet parent, especially in the end. Reading about him checking on her in the night brought tears to my eyes.

  13. I do understand the love one can have for the four legged companions and true famliy members. My heart reaches out to you. So sorry for your loss.

  14. Loosing a pet is never easy, and at this time of the year. I pray you will one day meet at rainbow bridge.

  15. I am so sorry. I feel your pain have lost two in the past six weeks. She is at Rainbow Bridge waiting for her family but until then she is happy heathy and watching out for you everyday.

  16. So sorry Pam, it's never easy...

  17. I feel bad for you. I know how horrible I would feel if it was my cat. I know it hurts.

  18. Hang in there. So sorry for your loss.

  19. This has been one of the hardest days to get through! And unfortunately it is not over. Thank you all for your kind words.

  20. Pam, so sorry to learn about your family's loss. Miss Emily was with you for so many memorable times. I know she had a wonderful kitty life and was lucky to be a part of your family! Hugs to all!


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