Monday, December 26, 2011

Gingerbread Houses and a Black-Eye

We made Gingerbread Houses this year, first time ever. We did not make the home made kind, that would require me knowing what I was doing. We bought the kind that come in a box and includes all you will need to make them. 

Of course, I bought them last year on clearance and have stored them for the entire year. No amount of kneading was going to revive those frosting packs. I threw them in the trash and whipped up my own royal icing. 
The Master's family came over. The Short Chic and Little Mess promptly cracked the roof of their house. Try and she might, Miss Medical Student could not repair it. She did however, do a pretty nice job of hiding it.
 The gumdrops held their little attention for a few moments. They enjoyed making the roof. Since the candy was a year old, we had to make a rule: no eating the candy.

 I used some cereal to make a straw roof for my house. Miss Mess decided she would help me. I had to be careful in what tasks I would give her. (I saw what she and The Short Chic did to the roof of the other one!)
 Since Little Mess decided she was going to help with my house, The Short Chic had to help too. We hung up "Christmas Lights" around the edges of the house. Very detailed work and the little girls did a great job.
 And Miss Medical Student thought her hands were full with the little girls. She had no idea what The Husband would bring! She quickly ran him off. And like that, the little girls lost interest. Which left us three adult females to finish out our gingerbread houses.
 Any of you who know Meeghan and I, you know we have this "friendly" competition thing going on between us.  We will let you decide who the "winner" is.
My Gingerbread House

Meeghan's Gingerbread House

As if the night was not chaotic enough, The Short Chic and Little Mess were playing "monster" with The Boy.  It is always fun until someone gets hurt. The Short Chic is now sporting a new black eye. A Christmas to remember!

And we have family pictures scheduled for Tuesday!

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