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Hand Made Gifts: Tutu Ornaments

My  Short Chic is turning into a little dancer. To thank the dance teachers for their help, we decided to make them a little gift for Christmas. A tutu ornament.

Supplies needed:

Tulle. I selected black, white and hot pink. The pink and white both have glitter {I have been walking around for the past four days with glitter all over me!}. Glass Ornaments that coordinate with your tulle. Some kind of string {I used stretch magic}. And some super glue.

Step 1: Cut  the tulle. 

I learned, from trial and error, that my cell phone was roughly the right size. So, I used it as a template for cutting the tulle.  

Step 2: Tie the tulle to the string.

Using a simple slip knot, tie the tulle onto the string {or Stretch Magic}. I think I used about 40 loops per ornament.

Step 3:  Adhere it to the Ornament.

I do not have a photo of this step. But simply, you take some super glue and glue the tutu ring to the ornament. 

 Once the glue is dried, you are finished. {Well except the wrapping!} I did attempt to personalize a few of the ornaments by using a Sharpie to write the recipients name on the ornament.

These are so cute and easy to make, I expanded past just the teachers and decided to make a few for The Short Chics dancing friends.

Do you have a dancer in your life?

Happy Crafting my friends! 

In case you do not know how to tie a simple slip knot, I took the time to prepare a visual instruction guide for you.

1. Take a piece of tulle and fold it in half. 
2. Put the folded tulle underneath of your string/ribbon/Stretch Magic.
3. Put one of your hands through the top of the loop and reach out for the bottom of the tulle with the other hand.
4. Grab the bottom parts of the tulle and fold them up and through the loop. 
5. Pull the ends through the loop.
6. Pull the ends tight. 
7. Creating a slip knot.

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  1. Will there be enough materials left to make one for Wayne?

  2. Holy cow these are adorable!!!!

  3. Adorable! What a great idea, gotta make these for my 4 nieces! Thank you for sharing!


  4. Hey just wondering what phone you have for measurement purposes? What kind of super glue did you use?

  5. These are the cutest idea ever. I think we might need to make these in our dance studio to put on our Christmas tree, or even use them as gifts. So cute!

  6. Supper cute! Thanks for sharing!


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