Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Simplier Life

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I visited Amish Country with a group of family and a friend yesterday.

Jamesport, MO lies about one hour and fifteen minutes north and east from Kansas City, MO. My grad school friend, Melissa, and I met my cousins (Wendy, Kevin, and Tammy), my aunt and uncle (Donna and Wayne) and my Momma there at 8:15.

Despite our 8:00-8:15 meeting time, My Momma got there at 7:30 a.m. As Melissa and I are driving and chatting and excitedly talking about the Amish life, My Momma called me 13 times!!  THIRTEEN! As I tried to call her back, she was calling me for the fourteenth time in a near panic.

Mom: "We have a problem"
Me: "What is the problem"
Mom: "H & M is closed."
Me: "What do you mean they are closed?"
Mom: "There are signs on the door that say they are closed. I will bet they are related to some Amish that were killed back East and they have closed up to go to their funeral. I already called everyone and told them"
Me: "Can you find an Amish person and ask them if it is just H&M that is closed or if it effects the entire community and then call me back?"
Mom: "O.K.

Less than five minutes later, call number fifteen comes in:

Mom: "They are all open. Including H&M. They don't open till 8:00 a.m.
Me: "Mom, we knew they did not open till 8:00 a.m.. We saw that sign the last time we were there."
Mom: "I thought they opened at 6:00 a.m."

Three places featured in these photos. H&M General Store and Countryside Bakery, Sherwood Quilts and Oak Finishing 

Now, H&M is our favorite store in Jamesport Amish country and it would have been sad if they were closed but the biggest issue is that my mother got it in her head the store opened at SIX in the morning and panicked and called me thirteen times in twenty minutes. When the real issue is she was just early and must be loosing her darned mind!

I am happy to report the rest of the day went amazingly well. It was hot! Most of the shops are not air conditioned and those that have some form of air conditioning did not fair well against the heat. I am so glad we got there early and ended shopping by early afternoon.

 I am so happy that because we took others who had never been that we stopped at places we have never been before.

I love it that Miss Melissa touched a little box that said do not touch on it and it collapsed down as it was a prank box!

I love that we got to purchase and smell cinnamon rolls hot out of the oven and freshly frosted!

I love that we saw buggies, buggies, and more buggies.
Random places around Jamesport. Thank goodness for a telephoto lens!

I love that we found a new cheese store and we got to sample our way through their product line. (I am also dying to go back on a Tuesday when they are making cheese and watch.)

I love that we saw wind mills and wind turbines and other simple machines doing hard jobs. It must have been mowing day as we saw several men with the horse-drawn mowers.

I love that we saw lines full of clothing hung out to dry.

I love that we saw lots of small children playing in the shade!

I also love that we met a man who has a love for old calendars. He has them hung all over his shop. We all stopped and hunted, not for prized possessions to take home, but for our birth year calendar. I found mine. I was born on a Thursday!

Please stop by J.A.M. Wood products when you are in Jamesport. Leave time to find your birth calendar!
I also loved this man's art he was selling. So cool. I might have a little buyers regret. I did not buy anything from him.I wish I would have brought home the stepping stone I have photoed below. The face with the keys as hair.

Yard art at J.A.M Wood Products. They also have gazebos, chicken houses, chairs, tables, ect.

And I love that we ate dinner at my favorite restaurant in Jamesport. If you ever decide to visit Amish country in Northern Missouri, please visit here. Share a meal so you have room for dessert.  Melissa and I shared the tenderloin sandwich. I had blackberry cobbler and she has cherry.

Blackberry cobbler at Country Cupboard. It is not a Amish restaurant. But does it mean anything that every time I am there, there are Amish eating there. Yes, it means it is GOOD stuff.
This would be a great trip to make in the fall. Cooler weather. Pretty leaves turning. And it is harvest time.

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